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Stephanie Dorfman Nutrition Astoria NY

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Stephanie Dorfman

I was not always the anti-diet, Intuitive Eating registered dietitian that you are meeting today. I went through the same weight focused nutrition education that all dietitians do – but a few years ago when I learned about Intuitive Eating, something clicked. I re-learned and re-understood why I became a dietitian – and it is to help heal people’s relationship with food and ditch diet culture for good!

The more I learned about Intuitive Eating ideas such as “Reject the diet mentality” and “Honor your hunger,” rather than encouraging others to follow yet another restrictive diet. I knew this was the approach I wanted to use with my nutrition clients!

My Philosophy

I am here to provide a safe and supportive space to chat about your successes and struggles with all things related to food and movement. Join me virtually in a relaxed and comfortable environment (with a few visits from my dog, Norman), where we will have open conversations and discuss how to reach your personal goals. We will focus more on behavioral changes, rather than numbers, and I will always meet you where you are in your individual journey towards intuitive eating and living.

My Mission

To help you find where food and flexibility meet.

To help you understand more about WHY you think about food the way you do AND how you can use the principles of Intuitive Eating to transform those thoughts away from diet culture.

I want to help you be curious rather than judgmental about your Intuitive Eating journey.

My Values


I understand that diet culture is everywhere and there is a lot of unlearning to do in this process. I am here to support you and provide you with validation and compassion during our sessions together.

Meaningful Work

This is not an easy thing to do, so I commend you on taking the first step towards healing your relationship with food, body, and movement. I hope you take away something meaningful from our session together.


One of my goals is to help you bring the joy back to food! Food doesn’t have to be stressful or take up so much brain space in our everyday thoughts. Let’s bring the joy back to food together!

Fun Facts

I have a dog – Norman – who may make some guest appearances in our sessions together

I grew up going to a sleepaway summer camp (my grandparents actually met there!) that I still visit and help out with every summer

I love seltzer (I am surprised I haven’t floated away from all the bubbles I drink)

I am a big ice cream and dessert fan

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