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Everywhere you look, there are messages telling you what to eat, how to eat, and when to eat. It can be really tough to break away from these diet rules and find your own way of eating.

I’m Stephanie and I get it

I understand what it is like to be surrounded by diet culture and a body obsessed world. That is why I am so passionate about helping others make peace with food, movement, and their body

My approach to nutrition is individualized and weight-inclusive because I believe that our health is so much more than what the number on a scale could ever tell us.

Your time with me will be focused more on behavioral changes and less on numbers.

I believe that ALL bodies are good bodies that deserve care and respect.


Ready to get started healing your relationship with food?


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Nutrition Counseling can help you to . . .

Learn to trust your body

No more wondering if you are hungry or full. During this process, you will learn how to trust your body and acknowledge and appreciate internal hunger and fullness cues

Ditch the diet mentality

Learn how to stop counting calories and thinking of food as good or bad. You will learn how to find flexibility with food (and STRESS LESS!)


In addition to trusting your body, you will learn how to start accepting and respecting it how it is right at this moment


Eating food is meant to be a joyful experience! You will finally be able to enjoy eating foods you love again 

What clients are saying…

I think the most profound thing I have discovered in my journey with Stephanie is that the past dieting programs I have followed played a huge role in ruining my relationship with food when their intention was made out to do the exact opposite. They left me not knowing where to turn because I felt I needed a plan to tell me what and when to eat which only perpetuated the cycle.

Through the principles of Intuitive Eating and working with Stephanie, I am learning to listen to and trust my body to tell me its needs and wants and knowing that both are okay. The inclusive and encouraging environment Stephanie creates has helped me challenge the associations between food, weight loss and self-confidence that I have longed for so long.

Happy client

My Mission

To help you find where food and flexibility meet.

To help you understand more about WHY you think about food the way you do AND how you can use the principles of Intuitive Eating to transform those thoughts away from diet culture.

I want to help you be curious rather than judgmental about your Intuitive Eating journey.

Wondering if you are an Intuitive Eater?

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Wondering if you are an Intuitive Eater?

Take this quiz to find out now!

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