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Nutrition Counseling

Are you looking for a dietitian nutritionist to help you on your journey to break free from the cycle of dieting? 

Professional Mentoring

Are you a dietitian or dietetic student considering opening your own Intuitive Eating based business? I would love to help support and guide you!

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How to Change the Conversation AWAY from Diet Culture

It's time to have this very important discussion as one holiday ends and we dive right into the holiday season. How can we navigate conversations AWAY from diet culture? Some of my favorite intuitive eating dietitians have written helpful blog posts on ways to...

Boundaries are important – especially with friends and family

Friends and family are such important parts of your support system and sometimes make comments about your body or health out of love and concern. BUT - if these comments are not helping you, you have permission to set a boundary! Boundaries are Important for a...

What are your dieting fantasies? Learn how to ditch diets and implement intuitive eating.

What do you dream about happening after you "finish a diet" and reach your "goal weight?" ⁠⁠If you woke up tomorrow and everything was "perfect" and your body was exactly how you want it to be - what would be different?⁠⁠ Let's start this conversation and learn why...