What are your dieting fantasies? Learn how to ditch diets and implement intuitive eating.

by | Oct 25, 2023

What do you dream about happening after you “finish a diet” and reach your “goal weight?” ⁠⁠If you woke up tomorrow and everything was “perfect” and your body was exactly how you want it to be – what would be different?⁠⁠ Let’s start this conversation and learn why diets are so harmful and how intuitive eating can make those dieting fantasies come true.

Share with me – what are your dieting fantasies?

Here are some common ones I have heard from clients before:

  • Increased self confidence
  • More success at work/school
  • Easier to make friends or date
  • I can participate in [fill in the blank]

My question to you is – why do you have to wait until you complete a diet or make your body smaller to have all of those things? The truth is – you don’t.

I’m sorry to be the one to burst your diet fantasy bubble, BUTTTTTT diets actually DO NOT help with any of those things. Dieting has no (literally zero) benefits. ⁠

Want to know what dieting does cause?⁠

  • Weight gain⁠
  • Weight stigma⁠
  • Food restriction⁠
  • Disordered eating behaviors⁠
  • Food obsession⁠
  • Body preoccupation ⁠
  • Irritability ⁠
  • Binge eating

I can go on, but I’ll stop here. If you have experienced any of these things, hit diet rock bottom, or been personally victimized by dieting and diet culture – I get it, I have been there, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

You know what – I am actually glad I am the one to burst your diet fantasy bubble. Let me introduce you to something I love and cherish called Intuitive Eating.

From dieting to Intuitive Eating

Working with an intuitive eating, anti-diet registered dietitian can help open your eyes to a whole new world where your dieting fantasies can be reached – WITHOUT DIETING! Principle 1 starts off with rejecting the diet mentality.

I know – you’re probably thinking – “sure, ok, I don’t believe you….” – well let me tell you how.

If dieting is all we know, then yea, it is going to seem like the easiest solution to all of our problems (read my blog post here about why we trust diets). But – just hear me out.

I have had real life clients tell me, that after working with me on intuitive eating, they felt a sense of freedom around food, they had more time and energy to spend focusing on other things rather than food, and their self confidence improved as well. This can be you!

Something I frequently ask my clients is, “if diets haven’t worked in the past, why start a new diet, when you can try something completely new like intuitive eating?” Maybe the restriction from diets and the food rules haven’t been working for a reason. Maybe what you need is the help and guidance from an intuitive eating professional to help heal your relationship with food.

Why am I so pro Intuitive Eating?

Because my main goal as an anti-diet registered dietitian is to help others free themselves from the diet culture nonsense we are surrounded by everyday. To spread the message that regardless of your body size, shape, etc – you are still you and can achieve any goal in the body you are currently in. That health is a choice and we all have our own definition of health.

So yes, IT SUCKS that weight stigma and diet culture are so present in society, and I don’t blame you and want to validate your fantasies of losing weight.

BUT is it really you who needs to make this physical change, or the current culture that needs to do the work? THIS IS HARD WORK!! And I am with you when you may think we are fighting an uphill battle – but at least we are fighting it together.

So, thank you for coming to my pep talk – let’s do this thing together!

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Hi, I’m Stephanie

I’m a Registered Dietitian and I write about all things related to Intuitive Eating, nutrition, body image, and more! Thanks for joining me in my little corner of the internet.

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