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Are you looking for a dietitian nutritionist to help you on your journey to break free from the cycle of dieting? 

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Getting in Touch with Hunger and Fullness Cues

As we start practicing intuitive eating, many find that they don't know what their hunger and fullness cues actually feel like - THIS IS NORMAL! Check out the three tips below and discover why these cues are so important and how to get in touch with your own. Why are...
People complimenting and greeting each other

Why Weight Focused Compliments Could be Harmful

Tired of weight focused compliments? I am too! Don't really find them to actually be compliments? Me neither! There are so many other ways to greet and compliment people that can lift each other up, make people feel good, and aren’t all about our bodies. We are more...
Woman starting a fad diet

Why Do We Trust Fad Diets?

A new day, a new fad diet. When starting a new fad diet, what are you looking to get out of it? What answers are you looking for? Why do we put so much faith in these diet trends? Why Fad Diets? Hundreds of people turn to diets to lose weight, “better” themselves,...

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