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Nutrition Counseling

Are you looking for a dietitian nutritionist to help you on your journey to break free from the cycle of dieting? 

Professional Mentoring

Are you a dietitian or dietetic student considering opening your own Intuitive Eating based business? I would love to help support and guide you!

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Athletes vs Diet Culture – Is it Possible to Eat Intuitively as an Athlete?

With such specific guidelines and pressure to perform well, is it possible for athletes to practice intuitive eating? Is it beneficial for athletes to eat intuitively? Find out below! Sports Nutrition is a guideline for athletes to help with their athletic success by...
Do not fall for diet culture traps

Diets are NOT what they seem! Do Not Fall for Diet Culture Traps!

Considering starting a new diet for the new year? I am here to validate, hear, and normalize your want to "change your lifestyle" with a new diet, BUT read below for some important information before you buy into the diet culture traps. Diet Culture Galore! It is the...

The Process of Choosing and Eating a Meal as an Intuitive Eater

There is no such thing as a perfect intuitive eater. The process of choosing, creating, and even ordering a meal can be a confusing and tough decision for some! Remember - every meal WILL NOT be perfect! There will be times when you do not have time to eat mindfully....

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